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Taylor Dolan was born into a house of stories and raised in Texas. Her mother used to read to her every night, and together they made their way through the worlds of Narnia, Oz and many more. Sometimes, when Taylor is feeling blue, her mother stills reads to her and does the best voices for all the characters.

Being a happy booknerd, she attended the Cambridge School of Art for her Master’s Degree in Children’s Book Illustration. She was overjoyed to find a whole herd of booknerds to spend quality time reading quietly together with. She now lives in Arkansas, while using her imagination to pretend she still lives in Cambridge.

Like most people, and some monsters, Taylor likes some things and very much dislikes others. For example, she likes the way the words “kerfuffle”, ”whippersnapper” and “pantoufle” sound when you say them out loud. So much so, that she often works them into kerfuffle conversations where they don’t whippersnapper belong. Pantoufle. She does not like it when the oven beeps excessively, and nobody moves to turn it off. This situation can only be fixed if the beeping oven is full of perfectly fresh peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and cats. WAIT, no. She does not want you to put your cats in the oven. That is terrible mean idea. She just meant that every situation can be fixed by eating perfectly fresh peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and/or snuggling with a cat that has not been put in the oven. Well, every situation can be fixed this way—unless you are allergic to peanuts. Or cats. Then there is no hope for you. Sorry.