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The Grimmelings

Rachael King
A spell-binding fantasy adventure of loyalty, courage and being careful what you wish for… Ella knows that words are powerful. So she should have known better than to utter a wish and a curse on the same day – the day that Josh Underhill went missing… Who is Gus, the boy with the impish grin, who seems to appear in answer to her wish? And what does the black horse want? Ella soon discovers that her grandmother’s warnings of creatures that dwell in the lake are more than just…

BIGG SCHOOL: Double Drama

Lisa Williamson
The second book in the acclaimed Bigg School series! Each book follows a kid in Year 7 at the Henry Bigg Academy – the ups and downs of secondary school are shown with empathy, warmth and humour, illustrated with gorgeous doodles from master illustrator Jess Bradley (the Phoenix comic, A Day in the Life). Life isn’t easy for Daniel Littleton – Mum’s poorly, Dad’s always working and his twin sisters drive him up the wall! At school he’s the only kid without the latest trainers or Xbox and his…

The Impossible Secret of Lillian Velvet

Jaclyn Moriarty
Lillian Velvet lives a quiet lonely life until on her tenth birthday her mean grandmother gives her a pickle jar full of golden coins. Incredibly, the coins whisk Lillian away into different places and times, and she meetes: the members of a lively family each in mortal danger; a boy with a skateboard; a girl who can Whisper and a small boy who desperately needs saving. As a web of dark magic closes all around them, can Lillian find a way to help her new friends? And, more…

The Lost Diaries of Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass

Nick Ward
If you find Charlie’s books, please look after them! His adventures started in Gorilla City and six of his diaries have been discovered so far… with illustrations and doodles, maps and collectors cards, they’re perfect for young adventurers aged five upwards – find out whether Charlie Small EVER gets home for tea! After four hundred years of incredible adventures, twelve-year-old Charlie Small is desperate to find his way home. But first he must survive being attacked by a slobbery Slime Monster and escape from a pack of ferocious Snapping Toads –…
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