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The Lost Diaries of Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass

Nick Ward
If you find Charlie’s books, please look after them! His adventures started in Gorilla City and six of his diaries have been discovered so far… with illustrations and doodles, maps and collectors cards, they’re perfect for young adventurers aged five upwards – find out whether Charlie Small EVER gets home for tea! After four hundred years of incredible adventures, twelve-year-old Charlie Small is desperate to find his way home. But first he must survive being attacked by a slobbery Slime Monster and escape from a pack of ferocious Snapping Toads –…

100 Tales from the Tokyo Ghost Cafe

Julian Sedgwick, Chie Kutsuwada
From a Carnegie-shortlisted author and illustrator duo comes a stunning companion to Tsunami Girl – a wonderful collection of ghost stories told equally in manga and prose. Abducted by spirits from his village, lost boy Akira must make the long journey in northern Japan to find his family and save his young sister before time runs out. Voyaging deeper and deeper into a Japan ‘between the worlds’, Akira and his companions encounter a host of yokai monsters and famous ghosts, discovering a sometimes comical and sometimes terrifying world…
8-12 Young adult

Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball

The Brothers McLeod
In the fourth hilarious story about the brilliant, calm, ingenious 12-year-old Knight Sir Louis, Splint the Sinister Snowball has his icy eyes set on world domination with the help of his frosty siblings, Flint, Hint, Mint, Clint and Sharon. But champion dragon-slayer Louis isn’t about to let Castle Sideways become smothered in snow! Louis rides off to the legendary Brrrrrland with his friends, Reader Catalogue and Clunkalot, but waiting for them are goofy goblins, a talking carrot and the biggest meanest snowball in the whole wide world…  Bursting with illustrations,…
5-8 8-12


Lisa Williamson
Lola and Evie have been BFF since they were babies, just like peas in a pod – and even though they don’t end up in the same class, Lola expects everything to stay the same. At home things are tough because Lola’s parents are divorcing and they’re having to move the family home. So when the annoying Cleo becomes friendly with Evie, stealing her from Lola, three most definitely becomes a crowd – Lola must learn that not all change is bad… With illustrations from the award-winning Jess Bradley…
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