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BIGG SCHOOL: Double Drama

Lisa Williamson



Double Drama

The second book in the acclaimed Bigg School series! Each book follows a kid in Year 7 at the Henry Bigg Academy – the ups and downs of secondary school are shown with empathy, warmth and humour, illustrated with gorgeous doodles from master illustrator Jess Bradley (the Phoenix comic, A Day in the Life).

Life isn’t easy for Daniel Littleton – Mum’s poorly, Dad’s always working and his twin sisters drive him up the wall! At school he’s the only kid without the latest trainers or Xbox and his mates are starting to notice. 

Things look up when he gets a starring role in the school play – though if his football-mad mates find out, they’ll make his life a misery! But leading a double life is tricky and before long, Daniel’s lies start spinning out of control…

Children’s reviews of the BIGG SCHOOL series:

‘Full of juicy drama!’  Arizona, 9

‘I didn’t want to put it down. I can’t wait for the next book!’ Sienna, 10

‘Awesome!’ Jake, 9

‘I loved this book. I really recommend it for anyone about to start secondary school.’ Clara,10

I like this series because they face real-life problems and show the characters’ true emotions, but also made me laugh!” Lucille, 11 

‘Funny and exciting.’ Theo, 10

‘It was really funny and I laughed a lot.’ Aaliagh, 8

Best Friends Forever is the best book ever! It is so relatable and funny, once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down!’ Ruby, 12

‘It is really lovely to read with your mum or a friend especially a friend you like to giggle with. It was really fun to read because it was really relatable to me.’ Eliza-Belle, 11

‘These are some of my favourite books because it could be my life and I’m really excited for the rest of the series to come out.’ Maria, 10

A really relatable story, which really captures the character’s feelings. I’m looking forward to more Bigg School stories!’ Neve, 11

“Another perfectly observed and pitched story of Year 7 life, funny, warm and true”
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‘Warm, honest and hugely relatable’ Cath Howe

A funny, sweet and touching “big school” book, ideal for 9+ fans of Jacqueline Wilson’ The Bookseller