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Will Jakeman’s Marvellous Mechanimals

Nick Ward

Will Jakeman is an incredible inventor – perhaps the best the world has ever seen! Read all about his childhood, the terrible fate of his parents, and about the incredible machines he invented – with stunning two-colour detailed illustrations, and the chance to invent your very own Marvellous Mechanimal!

People come from far and wide to buy his ‘Mechanimals’ – incredible machines that come to life and perform all sorts of amazing tasks. For example, Steel-Skull the gorilla, perfect for dealing with bullies, and The Armoured Armadillo, a magnificent machine that can barge through most obstacles and is even armed with a gunge gun…Learn all about Will Jakeman’s childhood, the terrible fate of his parents, and discover whether the evil Ida Gripp ever gets her hands on his marvellous mechanimals…

Nick Ward is the curator of the Charlie Small journals, where Will Jakeman first makes his appearance – if you loved those books you’ll adore this one too!