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Gloves Off

Louisa Reid


Lily’s only sixteen, but she already feels like she’s losing at life.  Victimised at school, she won’t lay her unhappiness at her parents’ door – they have problems of their own  – and  so Lily feels utterly trapped and alone.

When the kids at school finally go too far, Lily has to decide if she’s going to fight back. But is her new-found confidence simply about getting revenge on those who hurt her? Or about taking charge of her own life for once and for all?

Gloves Off is the stunning story of a girl taking on the world, about body-image and bullying, and above all, about making every moment worth fighting for.

HOW TO READ: on a bus, on a train, on the move, sitting next to friends – this book can be read anywhere but beware: if you are reading in public, emotions may run high…

Beautiful, brave and inspiring, Lil’s story will have you weeping one moment and cheering her on the next. I loved it.

Lisa Williamson

Gloves Off will have you cheering Lily on as she finally stands up for herself and finds her own way. Beautifully written.


Gloves Off is a verse novel about a girl who learns to fight back – literally and metaphorically. Reid tackles self-image, bullying and mother/daughter relationships in a way that will have you aching to finish the story. Reminiscent of Sarah Crossan and Jason Reynolds, this novel is a stunning achievement.

Charlotte Eyre, editor of THE BOOKSELLER

Stunning…Gloves Off punches in the guts.

Nicola Morgan, author of BODY BRILLIANT

Gloves Off is an intense, original and profoundly moving verse novel, filled with the fierce, hard joy of finding your power’ Imogen Russell-Williams, The Guardian

Gloves Off is filled with beauty, heart and hope. I devoured it, loved it and will keep to read again’ Lisa Heathfield, author of Paper Butterflies

‘A beautiful, lyrical read. Buy it for your daughters – and sons’ Natasha Harding, The Sun