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THE WINNERS OF THE #NameYourKnight competition have been chosen by the Brothers McLeod!

Myles and Greg had a fantastic time looking at all your entries – thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition, and it was very hard to make a decision! But in the end, these talented people have won the chance to get their names in the next Knight Sir Louis adventure as well as a full set of the brilliantly bonkers Knight Sir Louis tales. Congratulations to you all!

Overall winner

Knight Sir David the 523rd by Cormac of St Sylvester’s Primary

Highly commended entry 

Knight Sir Jiggly Pig by Ellie and Evelyn of Botley Primary

Five runners up

Knight Sir Whiskers by Tom

Knight Sir Flower by Katie

Knight Sir Jeff by Kiko

Knight Sir Night-Night by Gabriela

Knight Sir Gadoces of Mad by Chloe