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Parents and Schools

ZOOM VISITS: please get in touch if you are interested in any of our authors visiting your school in a digital capacity! Louisa Reid, the Brothers McLeod and Taylor Dolan are all available for fun, interactive sessions – and we can arrange the sale of books alongside this as well. Please contact Bella Pearson at for more information.

We have Key Stage 3 and 4 teacher resources for both WRECKED and GLOVES OFF by Louisa Reid – powerful verse novels perfect for use in the classroom, and Key Stage 1/2 resources for KNIGHT SIR LOUIS AND THE DREADFUL DAMSEL by the Brothers McLeod. Please email Bella – – and they can be sent out to you.

We also have all sorts of colouring-in material, word searches and bookmark-making resources for GHOST SCOUTS – join Lexie and her friends for all sorts of fun!