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Nadia Mikail and THE CATS WE MEET ALONG THE WAY not only won the Waterstones Older Reader’s Prize but the overall children’s book prize!

We are SO thrilled that Nadia’s incredible debut novel, acquired during the pandemic in 2020 and published in February 2022, has won both the Waterstones Older Reader’s Prize 2023 and the Overall Children’s Prize! Incredible – and what a deserving winner Nadia is, having created a book that is both original, kind and beautiful in one go. Set against an apocalyptic backdrop, the story of Aisha and her family making amends during a roadtrip across Malaysia is not only a tender love story but also about mothers and daughters, about moving on from the pain of the past, and hoping for the future. Congratulations Nadia, we are so proud of you and so lucky to you be your publisher!