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The Lost Diaries of Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass

Nick Ward



The Lost Diaries of Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass

If you find Charlie’s books, please look after them! His adventures started in Gorilla City and six of his diaries have been discovered so far… with illustrations and doodles, maps and collectors cards, they’re perfect for young adventurers aged five upwards – find out whether Charlie Small EVER gets home for tea!

After four hundred years of incredible adventures, twelve-year-old Charlie Small is desperate to find his way home. But first he must survive being attacked by a slobbery Slime Monster and escape from a pack of ferocious Snapping Toads – yikes! Charlie flies through a raging snowstorm on the back of a huge owl and crash-lands in the Frozen North, only to discover that the only person who can help him is being held prisoner by a gang of barbarous brigands – double drat!
There’s definitely something familiar about the captured reindeer herder, with his long white beard and jolly laugh… Can Charlie outwit the horrible highwaymen and save Christmas? And will Charlie ever find his way home for tea?

Join Charlie Small on his sixth remarkable adventure, packed full of fun illustrations, maps and clever inventions.