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Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball

The Brothers McLeod

5-8 8-12


Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball

In the fourth hilarious story about the brilliant, calm, ingenious 12-year-old Knight Sir Louis, Splint the Sinister Snowball has his icy eyes set on world domination with the help of his frosty siblings, Flint, Hint, Mint, Clint and Sharon. But champion dragon-slayer Louis isn’t about to let Castle Sideways become smothered in snow! Louis rides off to the legendary Brrrrrland with his friends, Reader Catalogue and Clunkalot, but waiting for them are goofy goblins, a talking carrot and the biggest meanest snowball in the whole wide world… 

Bursting with illustrations, madcap humour and plenty of jokes, the latest book in the Knight Sir Louis series will delight fans everywhere!

Written by Myles and illustrated by Greg, the brothers are well-known in the tv world for their animation, including series Circle Square on Channel 5’s Milkshake. Myles has written a blog on what makes funny books important – read here.