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Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel

The Brothers McLeod

5-8 8-12


Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel SIGNED COPY!

‘The Brothers McLeod…spin the fairy tale in a new direction, as if Hans Christian Andersen had cornered you in a pub and got his own yarn in the wrong order, or The Brothers Grimm had squeezed up next to you with a Tupperware box of home-made sandwiches on a long coach journey. Knight Sir Louis is an epic non-epic saga’ Stewart Lee, comedian

Knight Sir Louis is the bravest knight at King Burt’s court. He has defeated hungry dragons, evil goblins and horrible wizards (but please nobody mention wasps, Knight Sir Louis is absolutely NOT afraid of them). Along with his trusty mechanical steed Clunkalot, and mystical sword (known as ‘Dave’), Knight Sir Louis and his friends are sent to do battle with the Damsel of Distresse, who has been terrorizing the land.

But nothing is as it seems …

Knight Sir Louis finds himself dealing with strong enchantments and powerful magic (as well as potatoes…) and the machinations of his soon to be arch-enemy-nemesis: the Stripy Knight.

‘What a hero! What a story! Sublime daftness on every page.’ Jeremy Strong

“Probably the funniest book I’ve ever read. A masterclass in silliness!” Gary Northfield, author of Julius Zebra series

‘I’ve been a fan of the Brothers McLeod for ages!  They’ve delighted and amused the world for years with their sparky and inventive animated films. Now they’ve captured the same gleeful energy in this beautifully illustrated fantasy adventure, brimming with ludicrous magic and fizzing with irresistible comedy.’ Peter Lord, co-director of Aardman Productions